The kind of women all men should avoid



desperado“Hahaha, but I am not planning to get married any time soon though,” David told me as he scrolled down his expensive communication gadget. “What could he be driving at this time?”I wondered as I waited to hear the whole of what seems to be  ‘a juicy story’.

Mark you it was one of those fine Friday nights that we always chose to spend at a popular local joint. Here we meet with friends and colleagues to at least catch up with each other amidst drinks and sumptuous meals but tonight it was me and David, just the two of us.

David is my loyal friend whom I‘ve known for years now, he is indeed a handsome young man with peculiar charming personality (needless to say I have always admired his charisma, boldness and imperial intelligence).

Today however, he was in a peculiar mood and I was eager to know why. He passed me his phone while shaking his head in dismay. I read a message from a lady known as Lucy….the message read “marry me my dear, just as soon as possible.”

I quickly and naughtily went through the chats from that lady and I asked myself this very disturbing questions…are women of nowadays losing their pride?

By the looks of things, Lucy is one of David’s girlfriends who has obviously entrusted her love in him and according to her she is seeing a bright future with David as a husband.

We then started talking of dating and courtship issues now as my friend told me about his many encounters with apparently desperate women of today. (Not my words but his).

Comparing today’s women and those of yesterday, indeed there are many differences. One can tell whether he is dealing with the ‘old school woman’ or the ‘desperado woman’ of the 21st century. (Popularly known as the teamfisilet).

There is a thin difference between lust and love and whether you are falling for the right woman is another head scratching puzzle for a man to solve. Here are a few tips to guide you on whether or not to make the next step in your current relationship or think again.

The types of women to avoid like plague:

‘The you need you got it, you woman’.

These are the types of ladies who will never say they are busy or held up somewhere whenever you call them to visit you. They are Eveready! The problem they have is the fear to lose what they even don’t have in the first place. The fear that you might quickly find another woman to replace them is what drives them crazy instantly. So watch out boy if this is the girl  you are planning to tell ‘I do’.

The over possessive woman.’

This is the woman you met just the other day in a club or even in the street, you could have perhaps also sat next to her in a matatu and eventually exchanged contacts. Upon talking on several occasions she starts nagging you that she wants to know your family and to be introduced to your friends and colleagues. She might plan a surprise visit at your work place posing as your fiancé and even threatening that she might do something crazy if anyone shows interest in her future husband. Avoid such women as plague lest they ruin your life before it even starts!

‘I will do it all woman.’

You have already heard or even seen this kind of women, they are increasingly breeding and upgrading in today’s modern society and without fear of contradiction they are there at our work places and where we live.

This is the woman who will show up at your house and do all the house chores as if it is an obligation. She will clean all you clothes, iron and fold them, mop the floor and remove all the cobwebs around leaving the utensils sparkling clean.

You will get your favorite meal prepared sumptuously and irresistibly packaged in the most creative way bearing in  mind that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; you can bet that  on this one they never go wrong!

Sometimes neighbors might even confuse her for the famous ‘mama safi’ who are paid to do house chores.

Go along to get along woman .’

This is the woman who will always propose that you guys do something or go somewhere of her choice. Whenever she thinks it is the right time she will tell you to take her out to a destination of her choice where you will get to meet her friends and do what she wants you to. She never wants to be challenged on this.

It is embedded in her mind that you are her man and such you should go along with her to get along. She believes she is already the driver of your life and she has owned you wholly.

Keep off such women before you become typically caged and lose touch with reality!                       

‘The holier than thou woman.’

This is the kind of woman who will never allow you to pay her a visit, not at her apartment. She has a list of excuses to avoid you at all costs. On her lips are words like;’ I don’t like men coming into my house’ and ‘I fear men invading my territory’.

They are always having visitors around or a family member who is very strict and does not like her being around men. All these are manufactured lies to keep off scandals from the many men she has been bringing to her place before she got to know you. (Only that she can’t admit).

They will pretend to be the daddy’s girl they never have been and brainwash you to believe they are the good girls you have been searching for all along. You are being fooled my brother take to your heels!

‘The know it all woman.’

No, don’t get it twisted! I’m not talking of the intelligent woman here, not at all. This is the woman who thinks she knows the right time for everything. She will always be pressurizing you to marry her or even force you into a ‘come we stay union’ in the name of ‘it is the highest time we got married honey, before someone snatches me from you.’ In reality they’re trapping you and using marriage as bait. Next time you are dating read between the lines!









  1. worth every read this was meant for the men to read though av read it and got some few words of wisdom..hahahaha manufctured lies..hyo kali.i must say men are to be on the watch out so that they cant be used as an escape goat to achieve their pleasureries,i know we ladies at times can be tricky and wanna trap them using all means.keep up posting the links on your wall or you can as well tag me along.i dont wanna miss your headlines.ooh na salamu pia zipokee kwa wingi