Men too cry!


men cryBetter a broken relationship than a broken marriage,so do many people say. I beg to differ! Just for once! One thing is for sure though and I bet most if not all people will agree…any break up is just as painful regardless of it’s nature.

Who doesn’t know that even when friendship ends no matter the circumstance the involved parties always find it rough?Just like it is painful to lose a friend so is it much painful to lose a partner or a person with whom we shared love with.

In a normal intimate relationship there is a man and a woman involved and both are so much determined to make a haven out of their brewed love.In most cases they always dream of walking down the aisle and making a happy family later in their days.

All said and done, one thing is for sure not everything we plan always works out perfectly hence breakups and divorces.
It has now become a song in this blog that relationships are born and nurtured mutually by the involved people. It is indeed the responsibility of both the man and the woman to ensure none of them dies of heartbreak once they decide to enter a serious relationship.

Men are always the strongest and the superior ones in any relationship and of course they are not to blame since they have been brought up in a society that holds them with high esteem and has given them the notion that they are the know it all and the most powerful beings.

We cannot change this fact anyway but rather live with it for the sake our men’s ego. Either way it all started in the Holy Bible when God made man and later saw it vital to give him a helper out of his rib…and that’s how a woman came about.

It is however important to note that despite the different ways we came to being, we are all humans made of flesh blood and with feelings.It is proven beyond any doubt and so you know that men too cry!