Jobless new mother? here’s a solution for you


Not so long, I can recall it was exactly three years ago when Kate gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, mark you we had barely completed our fourth year course and all of us were focused and determined to complete our studies, graduate and get jobs.

You can only imagine the frustrations! But thank goodness she gave birth only a few days before we broke for the long holiday and this only meant she would have ample time for her baby daddy and her son.(I am not sure if he was already a husband by then).

They say misfortunes never come singly but time has proven that when blessings come, they too come in series, better trust me on this! Kate completed her exams and with determination, she applied part time and full time jobs online while she breastfed and pampered her hunny bunny.

I felt this was the most difficult moment for her and pitied her so much, till I went visiting one weekend. Kate was actually already employed but guess what? She was just working from home. Literally from her couch to her bed, kitchen to the washroom and trust you me, she got paid really well, well!

Why working from home was rocking!

She didn’t have to meet and physically interact with clients(and this was the best thing for her given her quiet withdrawn nature).

She need not commute since she only had to wake up and sit in front of her computer and perform her task. Saving her an extra coin to surprise her son with something special of course.

I thought it could be the most boring of things to do but hell no! I also wished I could get such a job too since apart from Kate having time with her family she also had time for herself; to exercise during the early morning hours, prepare her favorite meals, take a nap and a siesta after lunch and oh the fun list is endless!

Next time you are in quandary whether to stay idle or do some ‘home work’, choose the latter!