Hurray!Getting pregnant is now medicinal!



pregnantOh women of nowadays with fashion obsession! How sad it is that some will even compromise their children’s health all in the name of maintaining beauty and sticking to fashion.

Love or hate me but truth be told; a higher percentage of women nowadays are educated yet very ignorant or rather remiss.

They think having a baby is incriminating their fashion and stylishness. They view breastfeeding as an act of traditionalism and primitivity.

Little do they realize that they are missing out on a lot much more than they can ever imagine.

There’s much more in breast milk than nourishment of your little bundle of joy. Its value is like unicorn holding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The list of its use is endlessly and unarguably growing.

Did you know that breast milk has healing power? Now you know, this is because it contains immunologic agents that help to fight viruses, parasites and bacteria.

Breast milk is sterile and as such acts as an antibiotic which helps in healing wounds.

It can also act as a first aid kit for you and your household. Here’s how:

For baby

For baby acne; dab a few drops breast milk into the acne being very careful and of course gentle as you apply. This will help baby’s body clear up naturally.

Circumcision wounds; dab breast milk onto the red area of the baby’s wound and it will help in calming the redness and swollen penis head. You can do this as often as needed since it is a natural remedy with no side effects.

Diaper Rash; not only can you use it as a preventive measure for diaper rash but also a remedy for the same. Simply apply a layer of breast milk to the affected area and let the breast milk dry prior to applying any diaper rash cream.

For mummy:

Every Breastfeeding mama or one who has ever breastfed will tell you for sure that cracked nipples are inevitable yet not enjoyable at all. It is impossible to go hours, days or even weeks without having some form of a sore or cracked nipple. Using your own breast milk helps calm the irritated nipple and soothe the cracked skin to heal quicker.

Puffy Eyes; You can directly dab breast milk using a cotton ball or cotton pad and apply it onto the puffy area.

For family:

Bee Stings; apply breast milk directly to the affected area to help calm the pain and help decrease swelling.

Cuts and Scrapes: Apply a layer of breast milk onto the cut or scrape, let it dry before applying any other ointment to the wound. Continue this way until the redness of the cut or scrape has healed.

Pink Eye/conjunctivitis: Directly apply a few drops of breast milk in the affected eye. It will help clean the infection and heal the eye. Unlike most eye infection drops, breast milk being all natural allows you to apply to the infected eye as often as needed.

Now, don’t be mean with ‘your milk’ since you know how you and family can play around with it for your own benefit!