Fashion tips all women should know


1.Show skin startegicallywoman

For every girl, woman or lady looking truly sexy has been a head cracking issue and a topic that never seems to be out of fashion any time soon. However, fashion stylists advice that knowing what to bare and what not to is the secret of being sexy. Choose part of your body to show off and cover the rest! Otherwise what is left for imagination? If you choose to show off your cleavage then keep your legs covered and if you want to display those sexy legs please save us that cleavage.

2.Hem your pants for a shoe height

We have all pleaded guilty of fashion crime once in a while but the biggest mistake women make is wearing pants that aren’t the right length for their shoes. To avoid being caught up by paparazzi pants down, hem your pants to either fit those heels or flats. It should just graze the top of your shoes and be from ½ to ¾ inch off the floor. Now that’s just right!

3.Throw that scarf

It is undoubtedly the ultimate accessory! Stash it in your bag or just wrap it around your neck, any way you want it…be assured it will be just cool.

4.Chains will accessorize for the evenings

A dressy or an evening bag which has a chain will help you carry your ‘small essentials’ and still rock that cocktail. Wearing the chain diagonally across your body will provide the best effect.

5.Consider care,wear and tear

Before you reach to your purse to hand over the cash to that cloth seller, shoe or bag vendor think about how you will care for that product after purchasing it. Will you manage to hand wash that embellished bra or that fancy sweater? If no, kindly keep off!

6.Embrace your shape

Designer Shoshanna Gruss saidonce you know which silhouettes flatters you, filter trends ruthlessly.” Dress the body you have and not the body you want; e.g for curvy women feminine clothes that enhance that hourglass are always flattering.

Accentuate your figure, wear your figure, wear form fitting dresses and skirts that are cut diagonally or on the bias. For a petite woman, it’s best to avoid tall columns and billowy maxis, go for a dress with a defined waist and just-above-the-knee hem.

7.Make a shopping list

Don’t judge the heading yet, I don’t mean that you put down the things you want to buy. No! A list of just about 10 of your favorite items in your closet will help you figure out your mesh hence stick to what you like and avoid impulse buying.

8.Hit the dressing room prepared

Are you shopping for that ultra important dress? Get a real feel for fit by bringing your hip or thigh slimmer with you. While at it; heels, lipstick and a hairbrush will help you get a better sense of the final result.
9.Denim never goes wrong

Trust me you can never go wrong with denim but only if you dress appropriately. Whenever in doubt, go for the smaller size because it will always stretch. There is nothing most annoying than an intentionally baggy derriere! Free advice: avoid it at all costs.

10.Layer those necklaces

If you claim to know fashion then you are familiar with coco Chanel’s more is more approach. Again numbers never lie. You can do multiples of the same material or better still go for contrast and rock ion them.

11.Think in doubles and tripples

I know you are already wondering, how now do you start thinking in multiples? I mean if you come across an elegantly designed dress, skirt or top, don’t hesitate. You try it on and it fits? Buy two or three of the same you will never go wrong! 12.Accessorize with bright colours

As a matter of fact some of us like to play it cool with the neutral colours. You might be having that navy, black, camel or grey closet. Add a little ‘energy’ and liveliness to it by purchasing boldly hued shoes and bags that will go hand in hand with them. Wear a neutral base with shoes and a bag in two different complementary colors. You also display your bravity!

13.Edit your closet

As a writer when you read this your mind is probably wandering how on earth it is possible. Clothes too need breathing space! Constantly go through your wardrobe and give out those clothes you discover you’ve not worn for ages.

14.Always consult your mirror

NEVER leave the house until you like what you see. If you are satisfied with what you see in the mirror from all angles of view, you are good to go!