3 Tips to manage time, personal life and work


Being a woman is a no joke and only one who understands can attest to it! It has become a cliche’ that strength of a woman is not to be underestimated(but I still think it is not debatable)!

You need to get up very early every morning, prepare your house and take care of all your family members’ ‘well being’ before you also leave for work.

That’s a typical routine for every woman who has a family to take care of and a career to protect.

How then do you manage to balance your personal life and work without giving away much and remaining with no time for yourself?

  • Work with the pomodoro technique

Needless to say, the pomodoro technique is a real game changer! It suggests spending 25 minutes of serious focusing time where your phone is either off or on silent after which you take a 5 minutes technology free break (either to grab a cup of coffee or take some water.

  • Designate specific days for specific tasks

Sounds impossible? Think again. You can come up with a timetable (of course not for subjects) but your own working guide that you will need to follow each day to achieve this. E.g Monday could be a shopping day; Tuesday a day you do laundry; Wednesday an ironing day and by Friday you are done with your list and you are a free being not restricted to enjoy your weekend out with family!

  • Some duties are best delegated

Of course as you read this headline you want to skin me alive! Why should I pay someone to do laundry or even clean my house for me? Those are the questions running through your mind and you are even beginning to hate me but just a little more patience will pay…you actually need not clean that vehicle on your own, you can pay someone to do it, sometimes you could take a break from laundry or even ironing.

So where do I get money for this? Mmmmh…remember you spend a lot in weekly hairdos, manicures and pedicures and apparently you don’t notice it!

You could turn some days of salon visits to rest days and pay off someone to help you with house chores as well!

Try it and thank me later!