3 Simple career rules every 20-somethings should know



pichaIf you are reading this be assured you are one of the luckiest beings so far. You probably are a twenty something, juggling between studies, social life and career; and as Africans not with standing, you are under pressure to start your own family nonetheless.

All you need is to stay focus on your goals and be determined to achieve whatever it is that you are set to in life and more so in your youth.

Here are guidelines to achieve your dreams with minimal discouragements despite the numerous distractions:

  • Get up and work.

Most youths at this stage like to search for inspiration rather than get down to serious business. A philosopher once said “don’t search for inspiration when you have task to do. Just start your work and you will see that it will soon find you.”

  • Stick to your goal.

It might be assumed to be simple knowledge but hold on, not many people know that plans can fail. As a matter of fact the best advice you can get is that if a plan doesn’t work, change the plan and not the goal. After all there are many ways to kill a rat.

  • Follow your heart/passion.

I bet I have fallen a victim of passion not once nor twice,(please don’t misunderstand me). I have disappointed not only my parents but also friends and colleagues by quitting jobs not because of monetary issues or harsh working conditions but for the burning desire to live my dream by doing what I love most.

My rule has always been, I rather die of passion than of boredom.

Others will say you are obsessed in your journey to find your dream and passion but let them not distract you; obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated!

At the end of it all, develop success from failures, discouragement and failure are two surest stepping stones to success!